Translation of letter written by Claus Loleith, Director Fuerteventura Operations, Viajes Allsun, S.A.

Letter of Recommendation
(dated March 1, 2006)

We hereby acknowledge that Andreas Caliman has worked as an independent tour guide on Allsun excursions offered on the island of Fuerteventura.

Mr. Caliman coordinates and executes his responsibilites with great seriousness and commitment, treating clients in a very professional manner. We commend his work on our full-day tours of Fuerteventura.

He is creative, persistent and interested in further professional development.

As both an employee of Viajes Allsun, S.A. (Fuerteventura) and as an individual, I recomend him as a guide without reservation. We wish him great success in all future endeavors and we look forward very much to working with him in the future.

This is a translation of the original letter in Spanish, issued by the Press Director of the Spanish Tourist Board located in Frankfurt, Germany, Ms. Britta Schleinitz. Letter dated March 14, 2006.

Letter of recommendation

Mr. Andreas Caliman (licensed in cultural education) has worked with this office numerous times, guiding groups of journalists on press-trips in Fuerteventura.

His comprehensive knowledge of Canarian culture, society, economy, history, nature and tradition is noteworthy.

He is a person of refined social skills, manners, is pleasant, responsible, engaging, and gives satisfying answers in any situation.

He adapts to changing excursion conditions and his experience as a guide and freelance-journalist allows him to satisfy the demands of all group members.

As Press Director for the Spanish Tourist Office in Frankfurt, I assert that Andreas Caliman is a qualified professional for any future projects of your company. You can count on him to do the job and conduct himself in a professional manner.